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Homeowner Association Disputes

Homeowner association rules and regulations can govern myriad aspects of the homes/condos/properties that apply. These regulations and the documents associated with them can be incredibly complex, requiring legal knowledge to understand their meanings. They can cover everything from the maintenance of lawns, streets, street lamps, and community parks to what color you can paint your house, what pets are permissible, care of pools, tennis courts, lawns, and other property upkeep, decoration, appearance, parking, fences, solar panels, noise levels, and other community standards. 

These HOAs additionally are financially accountable to members and are required to have monetary reserves to meet their own responsibilities toward the upkeep of the properties and areas. Unfortunately, they do not always live up to their obligations, causing disputes to arise. The problem gets worse when HOAs are unable to provide necessary financial reports or charge huge fees for them. This can cause further problems for residents who wish to sell and provide relevant documents to potential buyers. 

Our firm can handle all types of HOA-related matters, including:

  • the creation or review of governing documents
  • collection issues
  • enforcement of covenants
  • construction defect claims
  • land use, zoning, permitting issues
  • disputes of all kinds between HOAs and members or third parties

If you need assistance with any type of HOA matter or issue, we urge you to reach out to our competent team of mediators and trial lawyers to resolve your matter as quickly as possible. 

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